Back at It

Dear Wabash Reader,

Let’s just say I gave you a fair warning. Just as soon as you were getting comfortable, hiding all signs of homework and giving Thanksgiving celebration the serious time that it deserves, it’s time to come back to Wabash.

It’s not as if you didn’t have a good break, at least I most certainly did. Like most people on campus, I took the time to catch up on things I forgotten how to do, like spending time with family and watching a good football game. (Go Notre Dame!)

Darla (left) and Reggie (right) obediently lying down in their bed

I spent some time wrestling Darla and talking to Reggie. Darla is our Great Dane, and by great I do mean great, and Reggie is our always hyper chocolate lab. Both are absolutely adorable animals who are as important to the family dynamic as watching The Big Bang Theory every weekday night at 6 pm.

I even had time to attend a few basketball games back at my old highs school which is home to eight state basketball championships.

A vigorous scuffle is underway between Martindale (Delta Delta) residents just outside my room

Sometime between attending Wabash and going back home, I have developed a walkthat tells everyone at Central I have graduated. And as dutiful college grad, I abandon my once habited spot in the student section and relegate myself to the sidelines as an objective bystander. For a fleeting second I wonder if this is what growing up is going to feel like.

Fortunately, I still have college life and sports to enthusiastically cheer for. Which includes our basketball team who will take on Rose-Hulman at 7:30 tomorrow night in Knowling Field House. Hopefully you’ll be able to make it out for at least a few minutes.



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Self-proclaimed philosophist, philanthropist, and comedian. Fluent in one language. Enjoys spending time with friends and reading novels by Jane Austen.
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