Bode 2012

I feel like if there’s a time for REALLY shameless self-promotion, it’s now. I am proud to announce my candidacy for the position of Wabash College Student Senate Representative. Although I’m not entirely sure if anyone else is running against me yet, I know elections are coming up soon. I figure my blog is a great way to let you all know why I think I’d be a good representative of the Class of 2016.

For starters, if you’re new to my blogs, I’ll let you know a bit about myself. I’m a double
Spanish and Psychology major from Greenfield, Indiana. Aside from being one of the freshmen bloggers, I’m a new member of Phi Delta Theta, and I run Cross Country and Track here at Wabash. I am planning on going for the Sphinx Club next year, and I’m hoping to travel to South America this summer. I get pretty good grades, and came to Wabash last spring as a Lilly Scholarship Finalist, though I did not win. On campus if I’m not studying or running, I’m probably hanging out with my best friends, my Phi Delt pledge brothers.

I have a notable career in student leadership at Mt. Vernon High School. Although student leadership at the high school level is very different from the type of work that is put in at Wabash, I believe the same basic traits can apply to both groups. I started off as a Class Representative my sophomore year, was voted Class Vice-President my junior year, and finally became Executive Student Body President during my senior year. As Student Body President, I handled a lot of organization and planning, and interaction with school staff and administration, as well as the leadership and guiding of the rest of the Student Government. I received the Class of 2012 Senior Leadership Award at the close of my senior year.

However, perhaps more importantly, I am hard-working, passionate, and friendly. Although these are cut-and-dry words to describe most Wabash men, these attributes will help me a lot in the Student Senate, which has stressed its need for dedication in its incoming members. Most people who know me know that I throw my entire heart and spirit into anything I’m a part of, and I don’t intend for that to stop with the Student Senate, or at Wabash in general. I’ve had the chance to meet a great number of Wabash men of all different types across campus, and I know that it is important that all types of Wabash men have their opinion brought to the table.

I don’t have a particular stance or idea on what I want to see the Student Senate do in the next year, but I can promise you that I will dive into my position with an open mind, and learn as much as I can about representing the class of 2016 well, s0 that I can make intelligent decisions when the time comes. If you have any questions, or just want to get a chance to know me, shoot me an email or a Tweet, or swing by the Phi Delt house any time! And no matter who you vote for, remember when the elections come around to make your voice heard!

Have a great day, Wabash.


P.S. I believe some of my fellow bloggers are also running for one of the three representative spots, so I can vouch for their admirable qualities as well!

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