Muchas Gracias

Buenos días mis amigos! This blog comes from my Spanish classroom, so I figured I’d rep all the Spanish majors and minors out there by throwing a little culture into my intro. Anyways, I’ve noticed people on the Libro de Cara (Facebook) posting all sorts of things that they’re thankful for this month. Seeing as Thanksgiving is less than a week away, I guess I’ll jump on the bandwagon and tell you guys a few things that I’m extremely thankful for.

1. My Peebs – Without my pledge brothers, I’d be a desolate, sad, quivering pile of GDI. No offense to the independents out there, but I’m just not about that life. Having 7 guys to clown around with, who I know have my back no matter what idiotic situation I get myself into (inevitable, by the way), is the best feeling in the world. Meeting these guys has been the highlight of my freshman year.

2. My team – I’d like to point out that though they are listed as “#2” on my list, that’s only because it would be unprofessional to write “My other #1.” Without question, I am exceptionally thankful for my Cross Country teammates. When I get stressed out for whatever reason (also inevitable, unfortunately), a nice 5-mile run with my team quickly brightens my mood. I know that they’ve got my back too, and I’ve turned to them when I’m in a tight spot as well. I’ve got friends in all sorts of places.

3. The 1832 Brew – Without this little shop, I’d be even more insane than I am already. Whether I’m snagging a Pumpkin Spice Mocha or my new favorite, White Chocolate Mocha, the warm drinks I get here always put a little pep in my step.

4. Murica – ‘Nuff said.

5. My family – I feel like I don’t need to elaborate too much here, but it’s definitely worth mentioning that I’d be a useless piece of trash without my family.

6. November weather – I’m so pumped that it was snowing the other day. Sure, it was like D-List snow, more sleet than anything, but I’ve checked my Bag of Hoots, and I just don’t have one to give about it. Snow is snow, and I love snow.

7. Mashed potatoes – This is my go-to Thanksgiving food. Buttery, smooth mashed potatoes are absolute perfection. So diverse, too. They go with everything, and you can also stir anything (ANYTHING) into mashed potatoes and it will still taste great. It’s a sin to have peas, corn, and MP’s on the same plate and not mix them together. Like, if I see that going on, don’t even try to think we’re cool, because we aren’t. Get your act together, food-separators.

8. Staplers – Something that I’ve always taken for granted before I got to college. You might consider this tool a “staple” appliance for a successful student. Props if you’re still reading after that one. Getting a stapler back at the house is priority number one after break. I can’t afford to run to the library any more just to staple stuff.

Well there you have it, eight random things I’m thankful for. Exciting life, right? Time to start Spanish class. I’m sure all of you are thankful for a week-long Thanksgiving Break, so get out and enjoy it, folks. Have a great one, eat some food, and relax a little.

Until next time, Wallies,


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