Almost There

Friends, we have neared the end of the week, and I am pleased as punch, especially since the upcoming holiday near. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I feel it is only right to do a little thanking myself. It may seem self-serving to some extent, but I feel it is necessary.

First of all, I want to thank my parents. It’s been an interesting 19 years, full of ups, downs, and the occasional sideways turn, and yet they have stuck right by me and stayed true the whole time. I am lucky enough to have parents who I am not afraid to talk to about anything, even those things where most parents would enter the “selective hearing” mode. Plus, on top of all that, they have pushed me harder and harder. Thanks to that, I made it through two knee surgeries, a slew of injuries, and am still making it through yet another injury Also, thanks to their enthusiasm, I was able to afford to come to Wabash. Thanks guys, I mean it.

Next, I have to thank my friends. They are great people.  They are by me through thick and thin, and I would never be the same without them. They are goofy, weird, crazy, intelligent, tall, short, big, small, daring, timid, caring, hard as rocks, and everything else. Through my friends, I have had so many experiences that have changed my life.

In particular, I have to thank two specific friends. First of all, my brother (in everything but blood) Morgan. He is the most stand-up guy I’ve ever met. Ever since baseball as kids in grade school, we have been inseparable. While he made his choice to join the Marine Corps, a most honorable and commendable decision, and I made my choice to go to Wabash, that hasn’t changed the way either of us interact with each other. As soon as we get together, it’s just like old times, and it will always be that way. We’ll be 30 years old, and while he helps me teach my young ones to defend themselves, I’ll help teach his about crazy academic stuff. It’ll be great.

Next, I have to thank my friend Christian. Although we have only met this semester, he is quite an awesome person. He’s the only guy I know who will sit around and share music with me until the wee hours, and most of it being strange Reggae, Punk, and Alternative. Plus, with my recent knee injury, he has been so much help to me. I can’t begin to state how helpful he has been.  He’s a true friend, and I am very thankful to have met him.

There is a lot I am thankful for. Life, food, an education, and even my strange injuries.  Overall, my life has been an amazing blend of everything. I’m thankful for all of it. I must go now though. Sleep is calling, and I have exams tomorrow. We shall speak later. Take care my friends. Enjoy the holiday.  Talk to you soon. In the meantime, enjoy every sandwich.

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