Thanksgiving for Registration’s End

Dear Wabash Reader,

Who knew registration could be such a tiresome and cold event? Last night, I joined a few of my Wabash peers in spending the night camped outside Center Hall anxiously awaiting the beginning of registration. Registering began at 7:00 am and I did get all the classes I wanted, but I got a good deal more than that. I discussed with Kappa Sigma pledges the benefit of joining their fraternity while trying to complete the difficult task of typing out my essay. Needless to say, this is one experience I won’t forget, and neither will the wet spot on my mattress.

Registering in front of Center Hall

A classics talk was given tonight by Professor Alessandro Barchiesi on “Vergil and the Destiny of Italy.” What I found most interesting was how this very educated man was able to incorporate humor in his talk. This is why I learned not only the influence of Greek culture in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I also learned why the Twilight Saga chose the beautiful setting in Italy for their production.

Last night Cappa Sigma painted the bench

Thanksgiving Break is getting closer, and I am already throwing up premature cries of thanksgiving. The greater part of the week is past, and the closer we get to the end of the week, the more references we hear to Thanksgiving. I am sure by the time Friday rolls around Wabash will be a scarce place for both men and women.

The last Chapel Talk before break will be given by Marc Nichols with his talk “Voice to the Voiceless.” Mr. Nichols comes from a background in law, holding the position of senior executive attorney for Rolls-Royce’s Defense and Aerospace sector. It should be a very good talk, so I look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning in the chapel!



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