Dear Wabash Reader,

It’s time to register, and I am ready . . . I think. At least, I thought I was. But as the last day for registration begins tomorrow, I must prepare to adjust to what classes I am able to take. Also, tonight will be a great time to bond with classmates, that is if their last names begin with G-N. Camping out for classes is an entertaining concept, I mean, what other school makes its students get up and hold at spot starting at 11 or 12 the previous day. This must be the hidden secret for Wabash men’s success!

Remains from registration today

Today’s Political Science guest was Nina Kollars from St. Johns University giving her talk entitled, ““By the Seat of Their Pants: Military Innovation from the Bottom Up.” If you are interested in how technology works and is employed in the battlefield, whether that be Vietnam or Iraq, this presentation was perfect. We were briefed on exactly how technology advances were most useful, and how the implementing strategies promoting communication creates greater success for the military.

So as I prepare to spend most the night patiently waiting for the Registrar to open, I hope you all have a restful Tuesday night.



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