My Triumphant Return

Hello my friends. I have returned. Back at the Land of Crimson. Oh how I’ve missed it. As strange as it sounds, I enjoy both being home, as well as being on my own. It’s a thrill. It’s a challenge. Sometimes, it’s even a comedy of errors. Yet, throughout it all, I still come up grinning. So, here’s the rundown so far.

Thanks to my most esteemed physician being booked until the fiery domain of devils turns into a winter wonderland, I cannot get in to see him until next Monday. Until then, I am crutch bound and semi-mobile. My extra metal limbs do help a bit. So does RICE. I’m getting by.

Having not arrived back until after the big game, I almost expected the campus to be destroyed. I was pleasantly surprised to find only the normal amount of red, no crazy overflows of extravagance, and only a few things out of place. All in all, it’s home sweet home away from home.

My small “vacation” so to speak was very restful. At home, I mostly slept and took care of my flat tire (knee). I slept for about 20 hours straight. They say you can’t catch up, but I aim to prove them wrong. Having been up since early this morning is a real treat though. The sleepiness is finally starting to set in.  I do believe I will answer it soon.  I feel a nice night of sleep would be a great way to come out swinging tomorrow.

So, I bid you all adieu. It is almost Thanksgiving my friends. The holiday where we eat, sleep, and laugh at terrible jokes. I plan to fully enjoy my share of the copious amounts of coma-inducing food, and I hope you do too. Enjoy the rest of the week my friends. I will talk to you later on. In the meantime, enjoy every sandwich.

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