Huge Sigh

Dear Wabash Reader,

Another countdown, not for the Monon Bell game, but for Thanksgiving Break. The bell game was great. I was asked by numerous people how I enjoyed my first Bell Game. For me, I look back at the game and the whole bell week with huge sigh of relief. First, we did manage to hold our bell, in a 23-0 victory (sigh). Second, it was one of the busiest weeks, with numerous tests and papers (whew). I was assured that this game was different, because not only did we know we were going to keep the bell, but so did DePauw.

After all the pictures and assurances of how packed the stadium would be, the DePauw bench was a motley crowd. Still, it was a great Bell Game because we did win after all. But putting the Bell Week experience into one game is not fair. The events leading up to the final day is what made it truly special. And it is the ringing of the bell for the next week that will be my constant reminder that winning the Monon Bell makes the celebration not one week, but two glorified, weeks of hearing the bell ringing.

Jordan Hayes shows his creative haircut

For many Wabash students, not counting those crazy fraternity haircuts earlier in the year, the Bell game was an opportunity to show visual support. It sure reminds me of the slogans the class of 2016 had to choose from, with one of which being “seriously creative.” For Jordan Hayes, the number of people who stopped to look at his creative haircut was countless. Bucking the trend of the straight up and down mohawk, I was sure I was looking at a haircut that would have been very popular during the battle of Thermopylae. I think a famous battle is a correct description for the rivalry we have with DePauw. Add to that the first point was not scored until the 2nd half; it may seem the Dannies held of the Wally army for some time before being completely overwhelmed.

The game was an unusually nice day. But as the cold winter weather begins to set in, we will probably say good bye to all the mohawks and other crazy haircuts, and get down to the cold, slow business of homework and finals. But for one week at least, the grinding work that is Wabash was relieved by the festivities of the Bell Game.



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