Errrrrgggghhhh.  That’s pretty much how I feel right now.  So much work, so little sleep—it’s all fairly overwhelming.

My feelings on coffee: it’s great for when you need it.  In my opinion, people drink it way too much in their daily lives.  My relationship with coffee is that when I am exceptionally tired, I will drink it, but never simply for its taste.  When I indulge in all its caffeinated glory, it is for a purpose (usually as to not fall asleep in class), and I do my best to drink it only on these days when I find myself especially tired.

Recently, these types of days have been occurring quite regularly.  Like, every day.

Accordingly, coffee is a common companion of mine.  However, you know a problem has arisen when you drink coffee and still continue to feel drowsy and still fall asleep at inappropriate times.

An exaggeration, but nonetheless, you get my point.

For example, I found myself actually nodding off during jazz band rehearsal tonight.  In practice.  While holding an instrument in my hands and playing music.  That seems problematic.

Lately I’ve felt the incentive to set my alarm early so I can rise earlier and accomplish more in the mornings, such as practicing and writing new music.  But then 2 a.m. rolls around and I think to myself, “Yeeeeeeaaaahhhh, that’s not gonna happen.”

This is something I believe every freshman has to face, especially those participating in Greek life.  I need somebody to turn to me and tell me it gets better.  I really, really do hope it gets better.


Time to (try to) catch some Z’s.


About Joey

My name is Joseph Edward Weisenritter. I'm from the southside of Chicago, I have two sisters, two dogs, and two loving parents. If you asked me to describe myself I'd say "music". I like birds. Also, I like to write.
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One Response to Zzzzzzzz…

  1. Rich Colgrove'77 says:

    yeah it gets better after intiation and really better Sophmore year if the Freshman are doing the house cleaning. Watch out for for junior year those classes are (sually) hardest and its really hard to transfer to another college at that point haha

    Senior year – you got it beat by then all you got to worry about is passing Comps getting into Grad school or finding a job. don’t worry it will all be over before you know it. Good Luck

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