Homecoming Conundrum

Riddle me this ladies and gents. How is it that grown men can act like fools? This will probably be the only time that I express personal anger in a blog post, but it is righteous, and it brings up very important questions.

At a particular dormitory, a rather horrific defacement of property occurred this weekend. A bathroom was practically demolished by a wrecking crew of a man, or group of men, who may or may not have been in control of themselves. After all, it was Homecoming weekend. Now, according to what I have heard, penalties will be enforced. I do not object to this. I object to the stupidity that it would take for an adult male to perform such a grievous action.

This particular weekend has been fantastic for me, up until I heard about this event. I am automatically thrown into a tailspin. This raises an important question for me. On the campus of Wabash, where the school treats us like adults, and gives us freedoms as such, why do young men act in manners which their mothers, deities, families, and themselves would find shameful? As Wabash men, are we not expected to be better than that? Is it that Y chromosome that screws us up more so than usual? Is it the fact that “boys will be boys”?

I believe it is neither. I believe that it is a societal issue. We have developed certain pockets of our society that view destruction as a challenge, or perhaps a game. Their “talents” are not used constructively. They do not become members of demolition crews. They do what my Grandpa said never to do. When I was very little, he said to me, “Boy, you make sure that you never crap where you sleep.”

My Grandpa was right. What kind of man reverts to his Cro-Magnon hyper-aggressive state? We have gained control over that through many years. Am I saying that indulging our baser natures is bad? Most certainly not. Everyone has urges that should be fulfilled. It is a part of living. However, abandoning common sense to do so boggles my mind, and throws my very spirit into a sea of both annoyance with mankind, as well as a need to try to bring light to the problem.

No matter how the events that played out during Homecoming are worked out, we need to take a small moment and recognize something. Stupidity is everywhere. It is in the nature of mankind. Do we let it control us, or do we subdue it? Do we screw up, or do we push ahead? I sincerely hope that whoever was involved in this event understands exactly what they have done. This is something that will have vast repercussions for numerous people. Also, it makes the Gentlemen’s Rule, as well as Wabash College as a whole, look very bad. They call us GENTLEMEN for a reason. We should act like it! Otherwise, the Gentlemen’s Rule is just an empty statement. I believe in the Gentlemen’s Rule. I have followed it my entire life, and I will follow it until I go off into the great beyond. It is not just a rule; it is a way of life. Some people need to embrace the rule a little more thoroughly.

Well my friends, I have work to do, and I have sleep to catch up on. After a fantastic weekend with a twisted ending, I am ready to retire into the recesses of my mind. I wish you all a great week. I’ll talk to all of you soon. In the meantime, enjoy every sandwich.

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  1. Lynne "Mom" Kennedy says:

    You pose good questions here. It will be interesting to see what answers you find.

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