Play at Work and Work at Play

It is Friday folks! That’s right! The end of the week, and the beginning of the end…….of my sleep schedule. Think about it. It’s Homecoming. My family is coming down for the day tomorrow, and tomorrow night is sure to be astounding. I’m pumped!

After a full day of schoolwork, I’m ready to go loco. Between Spanish, Biology, and my tutorial, I am going insane! Thankfully, the majority of my professors have granted light workloads upon us poor students, and I’m quite pleased with that.  The only thing that has me crazy busy is biology.

First, I have a lab report. This lab report is all about genetics. I find that awesome, but I honestly didn’t expect to get this worried about writing a lab report. I’ve been writing for years! I know I’ll do fine. Especially since it is about something I love. Then of course, due to the fact that, according to Professor Polly, “We looked a little bored,” he was gracious enough to give us a problem set. A highly enjoyable problem set, but a problem set nonetheless. So, I am not free of work, but I am relatively free of worry. Sunday night I will work. I’ve already worked today, and I think that that is a good spread.

Also, I have developed the philosophical idea of “Working at Play and Playing at Work”. If you plan on being serious in your intention to play and enjoy, not forcing yourself to have a good time, but forcing yourself to get out and do things to have fun, you’ll enjoy it that much more. Play is a lot of work, and it is worth it. When you work, be sure to inject play into it. Especially in science. Think about it. Einstein loved doing thought experiments. We should all love doing it too. Play with your ideas. Mold new ones. Bounce some balls off the walls. You need to enjoy your work in order to enjoy your play. It’s a continuous circle.

So, I go forth this weekend not looking to work, but looking to play. That is what my aim is. If I can play while I do work that is great. If I can do work while I play, then the circle is complete, and I am a happy man. So, I go off to work and play. Enjoy your weekend everyone! In the meantime, enjoy every sandwich.

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  1. Kevin Kennedy, Sr. says:

    Nice! :-)

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