Making it to Halfway Point of Homecoming

It brings me extreme pleasure to say that this week is halfway over.  It is at the same time extremely discouraging to say that this half is going to be way harder.  The deadlines for all of the homecoming obligations (for those of you who aren’t aware of these Wabash traditions, they include a Homecoming float, banner, queen, chant and the infamous Chapel Sing) are drawing nearer and nearer and I can practically see my sleep schedule for the near future shrinking before my eyes.  It’s time to buckle down and cram as much construction time into these last few days as possible—which means lots of coffee and some definite irritability.

On the bright side, when all of this is done I’ll NEVER have to experience it again.  On the not-so-bright side, I will continue slapping myself in the face to try to stay awake during classes.

Chapel Sing back in 1938.

In other news—just kidding, there is no other news.  My life is being consumed by Homecoming.  If I had to try to squeeze something positive from my experiences this week, it would most likely be screaming at my own pledge brothers in their faces in preparation for Chapel Sing or teaching them how to dance; I don’t want to give too much away at this point, but I will gladly explain that in a few days.

For the sake of memories, this is all very necessary.  It is impossible to be a Wabash man unless you go through all of this—except for the majority of the independents, but whatever, who cares about them (just kidding (not really (*ambiguous (joke?) making*))).

For those of you who will be witnessing Chapel Sing tomorrow, I hope you enjoy it.  It must be quite a spectacle to behold for those not being tormented and trying their hardest to contain their bladders.  For those partaking in the exhibit, good luck to all of you; just keep thinking of your happy place.



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  1. B Gallivan says:

    Thanks for the update. We are rooting for Kappa Sig!

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