Hurricane Isaac & Hurricane… Wabash?

Hello you wonderful blog readers,

It’s just little old me here to update you on life at the ‘Bash. Hurricane Isaac, as I’m sure you’ve heard, is currently ravaging the great state of Louisiana, causing widespread damage and flooding to pretty much everywhere it’s touched. It’s 200+ mph winds are ruining buildings and flying trash for miles and miles. The ways it’s been consuming anything in it’s path is sort of reminding me of what my first semester at the College has felt like.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved every millisecond of my time here, but with pledgeship, trying to join clubs, classes, and the outrageous amounts of reading dumped on my head, it’s hard to keep my chin above water. High speed winds of assignments, deadlines, and quizzes have been whipping at my back pretty hard. But thankfully, my Kappa Sigma pledge brothers and actives are are very willing to help any of us out at a moments notice. It’s wonderful having a built in support system at your fingertips!

Well, I’ve got to get back to reading for psychology 101, which is a pretty tough class with Dr. Horton. The average score on our first quiz was a 6/10, and I got a 10/10, so I’d like to keep that up! And don’t forget to add my twitter: Ian_Wabash2016, find me on Facebook, and keep up with the blog!





One of the many super tame squirrels on campus. He posed for me!

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  1. idartis16 says:

    That means a lot! Thanks, stick around, it only gets better!

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