I’m not a Nazi, but…

Guten Tag everybody!  As most people can tell from simply reading my last name, I am a fairly German person.  This, among a few other factors, has made me interested in acquiring the language and inspires me to learn more about my cultural background; one of the other reasons is that German sounds so freakin cool when it’s spoken.  Accordingly, I am in German 101 and couldn’t be happier with the class so far.  Even though I only know a handful of words and phrases so far, I love to study them and am eager to continue learning. When I’ve been studying for a while and begin speaking English again I’ve even caught myself speaking with a slight Deutsch accent haha.

As Howard Hewitt put it, I suppose I will be one of the students trying to “milk the immersion cow” during my time here at Wabash, and quite frankly I don’t see a reason for me not to.  I will already be heading to England over Thanksgiving break with the other students in my freshman tutorial, which I am extremely excited about, why not try my skills at my—hopefully soon to be—second language in the country where everybody speaks it?  If I can learn German enough to actually hold a conversation with somebody, I think it would be awesome to stumble my way around the country trying not to accidentally insulting somebody.

Merkt euch meine Worte!

Besides studying for German, everything else here at Wabash is going pretty well also.  Being a pledge is strenuous and fairly demanding, but it has definitely allowed me to hone in on my cleaning skills (the only set of skills I hold higher than my musicality).  The study tables give me structured study time that I definitely value and take advantage of, and the cold dorms are beginning to suck less.  However, one of my pledge brothers has what I am going to label Selective Snoring Disorder (SSD), where he chooses to snore only when I am extremely tired and have something to do in the morning; the more I want sleep, the louder he snores.

Now, I know I have the best job on campus but in order to better relate to the working-class freshman, and partly because the blogging position doesn’t cover my entire ESH allotment, I also began working at the Scarlett Inn a few hours a week.  After only working there for an hour and a half, I am now confident that I have the two best jobs on campus.  When it is busy, I take people’s orders, but for the most part I can just sit behind the counter and study.  Score.

That pretty much sums it up for right meow, it’s time to study Old Wabash; I’m tired getting death-stares from upperclassmen every time the freshmen have to sing it.  If you don’t already, follow me on the twitter machine @joey_wabash16 and be sure to keep up on the blogs that are posted here, my fellow bloggers are extremely talented as you can see.


Bis Später!


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My name is Joseph Edward Weisenritter. I'm from the southside of Chicago, I have two sisters, two dogs, and two loving parents. If you asked me to describe myself I'd say "music". I like birds. Also, I like to write.
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  1. Garrett Wilson says:

    Sounds like pledgeship is fun! You having a good time? :)

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