Am I A Senior Yet?

I have turned in all of my finals.  1,400 words and 2.5 hours for my Social Psychology final, 1,800 words and 3 hours for my Abnormal Psych final, 6 pages for my Sociology of Religion final, and around 45 minutes for my Linguistics final.  All in all, it was not a bad finals week for me.  However, because finals week is over, am I a senior yet?  When is becoming a part of the next year of college official? After finals are turned in? After graduation? Perhaps the first day of classes?  Now that classes are done, these are the types of quandaries I can dedicate my time to.

I will not have much time this summer to spend pondering these questions, though.  I have gratefully accepted an internship with the psychology department here on campus.  I will be continuing to gather some data from a current senior’s capstone project.  It looks to be fun, and I am excited for the opportunity.  I will also be travelling to Ecuador with the Glee Club for two weeks, so my summer is going to be jam-packed.  I do not know how often I will be updating my blog this summer, but if you would like to know when a new blog goes up, you can follow me on Twitter @Chris_Wabash15.

Have a great summer!

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