David Liebe Hart Visits Wabash College!

One week ago today, a miracle happened at Wabash College.  David Liebe Hart and Adam Papagan graced Wabash College with their presence.  Don’t recognize either of the aforementioned names?  That’s okay, I didn’t know of them either until earlier this semester.  I’ll go ahead and do my best to inform you on the wondrous talents of Mr. David Liebe Hart.

David Liebe Hart was born in Park Forest, Illinois in 1955.  DLH is an actor, musician, puppeteer, and artist.  He is most famous for two, very different television programs.  His first show was The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Show, which aired on public access television in the Los Angeles Area.  You can find a clip of that show below.

The Junior Christian Bible Show

David Liebe Hart gained national recognition after he appeared on Adult Swim’s Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!  Below is a clip from the show, featuring David Liebe Hart:

Doctor to Doctor with David Liebe Hart

Musically, David Liebe Hart covers many genres and topics.  From spirituals about religion and his life as a Christian Scientist to punk music about women and aliens, Mr. Liebe Hart does it all.  The David Liebe Hart Band EP was released August of last year, and the album is objectively fantastic.  Here is the link to the video for my favorite song on the album:

La Rent

Recently, David and his musical partner, Adam Papagan, came all the way from Los Angeles to Crawfordsville in order to play for us.  The duo was fantastic.  Mr. Liebe Hart gave us all his words of wisdom that stem from life experiences, things such as: “When you rule your mind, you rule your world”, and “I am success, and success is me”.

DLH and Mr. Papagan played quite the show.  DLH did some solo music for us, with the help of his puppet “lambadog”, the combination lamb and dog.  He even improvised some songs.  After singing happy birthday to some members of the audience, John Beardmore ’15 asked Mr. Liebe Hart to sing a song for Dean William Oprisko, who was in the audience.  DLH asked Dean Oprisko to tell him something that he enjoyed, and he replied with “Dungeons and Dragons”.  The best part of this was that DLH misheard “Will Oprisko” as “Crystal Will”, and he sang the entire song to Crystal Will.  Luckily, someone got some of it on video:

Crystal Will

The experience was fantastic, and there were around 60 people who attended the event.  I hope we get to do it again in the future.  As the Korendians would say, Salame!

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