T-Tones and the Crawfordsville Faith Alliance

T-Tones is one of two vocal groups that we have at Wabash.  In order to be in T-Tones you have to 1.) be a Glee Club member, and 2.) complete a separate audition process.  T-Tones is usually comprised of twelve men, three on each part.  I have been a member of T-Tones for the last few semester, and it is very fun.  The dynamic is so much different than in Glee Club because, while it is smaller, the men seem to care more about the music so, in turn, I think we sound cleaner than the full Glee Club.

Today, T-Tones travelled to the Crawfordsville Country Club in order to perform for the Crawfordsville Faith Alliance.  Unlike their name suggests, they actually are not a church.  Since 2004, the Faith Alliance has been an organization dedicated to funding awareness for, and fighting, breast cancer throughout the entirety of Montgomery County.  Here is their Facebook page, if you’d like more information: https://www.facebook.com/faithalliance/info

The audience was great, and were everything performers look for in an audience.  I hope they enjoyed the small concert, because it was very fun.  Also, they fed us delicious country club food!  We, literally, sang for our meals, and that is always a blast.

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