Easter is a’comin’

Easter is right around the corner.  Whether you’re headed to your nearest mall to get pictures with the Easter Bunny, you’re searching for candy filled eggs in your backyard, or you’re headed to church with your family: Easter is a holiday that we can all get behind.  This Easter, I bestow unto you two YouTube videos revolving around my favorite Easter treat: Peeps.  These videos come from two of my favorite YouTube channels: RatedRR and Carsandwater.

Picture source: http://thenewforty.areavoices.com/files/2012/04/marshmallow_peeps.jpg

The first YouTube channel, RatedRR, is, in essence, a channel about shooting objects with large guns.  The video that I will link here is “How Many Peeps Can A .50 cal Go Through?”.  In this video, the host shoots a .50 caliber sniper rifle bullet through hundreds of Peeps (traditional Easter eating).  Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAExnkOcIJA

Second, is a stranger channel.  This channel, called “carsandwater” is filled with videos entitled “RHNB and ______”, in which the blank is some other noun.  RHNB stands for “Red Hot Nickel Ball”.  The host of this channel heats a nickel ball, with a blowtorch, until it is red hot.  He then drops it into various items to see what it does.  In this video, entitled “RHNB-Peeps”, you can imagine what happens.  Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKQ1RVo_ZEA

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