The Great Email Outage of 2014

A dark cloud fell over the Wabash College on April 14, 2014.  While we students were flitting betwixt our classes, something was stirring within the email servers in the basement of Baxter Hall.  I believe that I was one of the first effected by this awful tragedy; I received my last email at 1:22PM on Monday, that fateful day.  Whispers began to permeate the campus.  ”When will ballin’ take place?” muttered one distressed student.  ”How will I know that Tuesday chapel is going on?” another pined.  Student senators ran wild through the mall, not knowing that Student Senate would meet Tuesday at 7:00PM in the Goodrich Room of the Lilly Library, as it always does.

The aftermath of my Wabash email after the fix.

Without the constant reminders for these events, what would the students of Wabash do with themselves?  I, for one, relished in the silence that came along with the absence of the constant Microsoft Outlook email alert.  For almost 27 hours, the vibrating mechanism in my phone got a rest from the ceaseless, redundant emails that come along with having “everyone” and “student” listservs. Although, I think that the abolishing of these listservs would be horrendous for the culture of the campus.  As every Wabash student, and recent Wabash alum, is aware: email wars are a quintessential part of Wabash life.  If we can’t argue with each other in one of the formats least conducive to vocal inflection and the use of one of our most powerful senses, how can we have productive conversations?

Tuesday, April 17th at around 4:30PM was the end of the living hell that was no campus email.  The IT angels of campus were hot on the trail of the problem until they got it figured out.  I can now return to my homeostatic state of checking and mass deleting emails every hour.  Phew.


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