What Does Wabash Mean To You?

This past week there were displays on both the mall and the steps of Pioneer Chapel.  The mall on-goings were much less philosophical and more functional.  Some of Wabash’s largest organizations (Wabash Christian Men, ‘shOUT, MXI, Sphinx Club, Wabash Democrats, and Wabash Republicans) got together for a #Stand4Freedom.  This is a movement to raise awareness for the 27 million people that are slaves worldwide, many who are victims of human trafficking.  One of the largest organization involved with this is “End It”: www.enditmovement.com.  You may have seen people marking their hands with red X’s earlier this year.  This symbolic gesture was on behalf of the End It movement.  The aforementioned groups did their own symbolic gesture by standing on the mall for 27 hours straight.  I went to the table that they had set up, took a flier, and got some quick information.  I applaud all of the Wallies that were out there participating and showing their support for this issue.

The #Stand4Freedom table.

The other thing that I mentioned took the form of a giant, wooden “W” that was placed on the steps of Pioneer Chapel.  This “W” had white paint markers around it, and people were asked to write what Wabash meant to them onto the W.  While some of the scrawling was tongue-in-cheek, such as “Wabash means $46,000 a year to me”, others were meaningful and serious, such as “4 tough, life changing years” and “logic+passion”.  My own contribution to the mural is what really Wabash means to me. Underneath the learning, the personal maturation, and the crippling debt, I have found more than just friends within these halls.  There are people here who I know I will never lose contact with, Independent and Greek alike.  To me, Wabash means family.


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