Campus Concert and Registration

The Glee Club Campus Concert was Sunday, and I deem it a success.  Salter Hall was almost a full-house, and the audience was fantastic.  We sang a full concert, so it was around an hour and a half.  The full Glee Club performed, along with some smaller ensembles from the Glee Club.  We also got to watch the premiere of Dr. John Zimmerman’s Spring 2014 Tour Highlights.  The concert ended in a way that I always hope it does: someone in the audience yelling for an encore.  Below is a picture of the Glee Club.

Photo credit goes to Sherry Ross.

I finally got to experience what it was like registering without standing in a line for hours on end.  Rising seniors are given the oppurtunity to “preregister” on the Thursday and Friday before the normal registration period.  This ensures that the seniors get priority in picking classes that they may have to take in order to graduate.  After much deliberation, I have gone through my penultimate registration process.  Here is my class list for first semester senior year:

  • Islam and Religions of India
  • Anthropology of Religion
  • Research in Social Psychology
  • Psychology Senior Project
  • History 101

You may be wondering why History 101 is stuffed awkwardly in that list.  I assure you it has nothing to do with distribution.  It does, however, have everything to do with having the required 34 credits to graduate.  I wanted a class that sounded fun, and that would let me be finished with classes before noon on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  History 101 filled both of those requirements.  It looks to be a fun schedule, and I am very excited.

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