Honor Scholarship Weekend Activities Fair

Yesterday, I was up a little earlier than usual.  This is Honor Scholarship Weekend, in which students come to campus to compete for millions in scholarship.  Every Honor Scholar Friday, there is an activity fair in Knowling Fieldhouse.

From left to right: Me, Joe Mount ’15, and Michael Smith ’15.

This activity fair consists of every participating organization on campus, including fraternities.  Each body gets a table and a placard, and we get to give our spiels to all of the uninterested prospectives.  This year, I manned the ‘shOUT booth for the entirety of the fair, from 9am-11am.  Our president and treasurer, Joe Mount ’15 and Michael Smith ’15, were also present.  One of the interesting things about the ‘shOUT booth this year was that we were giving away condoms.  ’shOUT is in the midst of a safer-sex campaign, so we found it apt.  Some of the prospective students were hilarious to talk to.  I introduced myself to one, and only got “this is Wabash’s gay-straight alliance” out of my mouth before he cut me off with “I’m not gay”.  Cool, guy.  I’m not gay either.  That’s why it’s a gay-straight alliance.

Everyone speak of how amazing Honor Scholar Weekend is in forming their decision to come here.  Here are my most salient memories from my Honor Scholarship weekend:


After the activities fair and testing, I remember guys talking in Ball Theater lobby about their AP Test and SAT Scores.  I thought it was vapid then and, looking back, I find it more hilarious.

This was the night of the Phi Delt bouts.  They were cool, I guess.  Even cooler were the Red Bull girls who were there giving out free Red Bull.  I left those early for something much cooler: Glee Club concert.  Glee Club put on an Honor Scholarship Weekend concert it was directly responsible for getting me to join.  Who knows if I would be a third year Glee Club member without that wonderful concert.

I think this was the night that I went around to fraternities.  I wound up at TKE, and I had a nice conversation with Liam Smith ’13 and Andrew Kunze ’12.  They were great guys, and I would get to know them each a little better as time wore on.

I was staying at a fraternity that will be unnamed.  I was much more quiet then, I hadn’t really broken out of my shell.  I wound up in a room full of people, guys and girls, and I was immediately offered a beer from the mini-fridge to the left of the doorway: a Natty Light.  I politely declined, I didn’t drink then (also, there were some important tests to take in the morning).  I spent that night sleeping on the floor of the cold dorm, using my jacket as a pillow.


More tests, and going home.  Much less eventful than the night before.

Most people don’t share the parts of their Wabash experiences that weren’t wonderful, so I gave you mine.  If something seems to good to be true, it probably is.  It’s okay to be skeptical.  My first impressions of Wabash were mixed, but the bad things did not dissuade me from coming here, as we can see from this blog that I’m currently writing.



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