Spring Tour Day 1

Glee Club Spring Tour is always an interesting experience.  Put a bunch of Wabash guys on a bus for hours, especially guys that love to sing, and you have quite the musical journey.  Our musical journey began at around 11:30am this morning.

I arrived at Ball Theater Lobby of the Fine Arts Center at 10:00am (I like to be early, what can I say).  After getting final musical preparations out of the way, things like final music pieces, we disembarked at around 11:30.  We got to Rensselaer, Indiana, about an hour and a half (by bus) from Crawfordsville, and had to turn back.  Someone on our voyage forgot their luggage back on campus.  Because of this, after we ate lunch, we had to head back south and add ~2 hours onto our total trip time.

I guess I can say that this was an interesting beginning to the Spring 2014 Tour.  Tomorrow, we have our call at 7:00am and our first official concert of the tour will be held during a Catholic mass at St. James’ Parish in Highland, Indiana.  It will be fun.

Stay tuned for more blogs concerning the tour!


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