Adult Swim

This past evening, ‘shOUT attended an event for the second year in a row.  This event is called Adult Swim and is sponsored by both the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis, and the Sapphire Theater Company (  The tagline is “created by adults, for adults, but with your inner child in mind”.  The entire Children’s Museum is rented out for the evening and all of the proceeds go to various education proceeds for children.  The even was fantastic, and ‘shOUT has attended both years that it has been put on (this year and last).  I hope it is an ongoing trend.  Below, you can check out some awesome face-painting that I was given after telling the artist “surprise me”.

On a completely different note, “” has gone and listed the best colleges by state.  They have listed both Purdue University and Wabash College under their “Indiana” category (  WAF!

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