You Can’t Do That!

I was browsing the secular realm of the internet today, as I usually do, looking for interesting tidbits of news related to my particular ideology.  I stumbled across an article about a high school girl being turned down by her administration after attempting to start a secular group.  Here’s the article I read:

I remembered back to my days in high school, and I realized how much chutzpah this girl must have to go against the grain with an issue that many people even refrain from discussing out of fear of upsetting someone.  I was reading this article, and I knew it was going to come to a head when I read that, while the administration wouldn’t let this girl form a secular club, there already existed a “Fellowship of Christian Athletes” at the school. That is when I began mentally chanting what the crowds at Wabash football games yell when the opposing team gets a penalty: “you can’t do that!”  C’mon Pisgah High School administration, you can’t favor one worldview over another, just because you don’t agree with it.

After dealing with the Secular Student Alliance, a group I am proud to be affiliated with, and the Freedom from Religion Foundation, the administration has allowed this 15 year old girl, Kalei, to start up her very own Secular Student Alliance.  You go, Kalei.  Fight the good fight.

P.S.  Here is a very well-written blog post from on of Kalei’s schoolmates regarding the issue, that is linked in the aforementioned article.  It’s quite insightful:

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