Snowmaggedon Lite

I don’t want to call this snowmaggedon 2, because I feel as though that would entail snow of  an equal or greater amount, and that just isn’t snow.  Therefore, I am referring to the most current snowstorm as a sort of prequel.  ”Snowmaggedon lite”, just not snowmaggedon-y enough.  I would also like to point out that while other colleges have had days off (pssh), Wabash has had class every day that this snow has been falling.  ”In my day, I had to walk uphill both ways through one foot of snow to get to class.”  While the snow is annoying, it’s cold, makes everything I own wet, and I slip with a much greater frequency, there is beauty to the snow, which I think we can all appreciate.  Below are a couple pictures I snapped with my mobile social media device, I mean my cellphone, just yesterday.

The mall.


The Chapel.




As you can see, the campus gets quite beautiful in the winter.

I hope that everyone reading this is having a nice, warm week.  It is time for me to rush off to do some homework (welcome to my life).

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