I recently realized that I haven’t given a good rundown of my finals and opinions on my classes for this semester.  I suppose I was too wrapped up in my papers to get a blog out there.  Let’s remedy that.  To recap, my classes consisted of:


  • GER/HUM 277: German Folk and Fairy Tales
  • REL 171: Christianity to Reformation
  • REL 280: Sects and Cults in America
  • PSY 301: Literature Review
  • PSY 210: Drugs and Behavior

Drugs and Behavior was a half-semester course, so I’ve been done with that one since around the middle of October.  It was a lot of fun; very biology heavy, like a lot of the Psych classes at Wabash.

German Folk and Fairy Tales was a very interesting course.  I signed up because I wanted a fun way to fill my Humanities distribution; thinking that this class would have a light workload was wrong.  It was a great class, but boy was there a lot of reading.  We read hundreds and hundreds of pages of fairy tales, which doesn’t sound too bad until you read 10 iterations of Little Red Riding Hood and wish that she would just stay eaten already.  The final, eight paragraphs of definitions, sounds easy, but it was quite the exercise.  We had to create 8 definitions of what a fairy tale is, which is pretty difficult.

Christianity to Reformation was not my favorite class that I’ve taken.  I didn’t dislike it, it was just okay.  This isn’t a commentary on the professor or anything, because Dr. Nelson is hilarious, and a great instructor.  The material was just not very interesting to me.  I learned a lot about the history of Christianity, so mission complete.  The final consisted of explaining and describing the importance of various terms and people throughout the first 14 centuries of Christianity.  I have a bad mind for dates, and that was the hardest part for me.  ”When did these people exist”.

Sects and Cults in America was a great course.  Another reading heavy course, we read 6 novels over the course of the semester, interspersed with 12 or 13 other readings.  While wholly depressing, the class was very interesting.  I think the class may have to be inherently saddening because it consists of studying some of the most psychologically scarring cults to ever have existed.  This, however, didn’t detract from how interesting the material was.  The final consisted of choosing two of three given topics and writing three page essays on each.

Now we come to Literature Review, also known as the bane of a Wabash Psychology major’s existence.  Literature Review is a class that psych majors have to take.  It is a semester-long half-credit that has more work that 2 full credits combined.  It consists of choosing a topic and doing a literature review on the entire body of literature connected to that topic, all while making unique intellectual contributions.  It culminates into one 16 page literature review.  It was a very helpful class.  I became a better researcher and writer having taken it, but I hated every minute of it.

Those were my classes and finals.  Now, it’s time for a break.  I can’t believe that I only have three semesters to go in my Wabash career.


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