Snow Fun and Dorkapalooza

One of the best parts about winter in Indiana is playing in the snow.  Today, I got to experience that.  Myself, my girlfriend, and my friend, Isaac Taylor ’15, decided to completely destroy the palate of fresh snow that had fallen in the field next to our dorm.  I learned that Isaac had never built a snowman because he used to get sick in the cold when he was younger.  The first thing we did after throwing some nicely packed snowballs at each other was to start on a snowman.  the snow was great for building snowmen and snowballs.  Perfect snow comes when the outside temperature slightly rises immediately after a snow.  This partially melts the snow and makes it stick together perfectly.  After we finished our snowman, we let Isaac experience the best part of snowman building: running into the snowman to tear it down.  You can see a video that we took of this event here:

After drying off, my girlfriend and I decided to attend Dorkapalooza.  This is one of Dork Club’s big gaming nights.  Lunch and dinner are provided, and the game room and closet is open from 12 pm to 12 am.  We went for a couple of hours and got in a few games that I hadn’t played.  The first was called King of Tokyo, and was called “murder Yahtzee” by Dr. Morillo’s daughter, Dione.  In this game, you take control of a giant creature and battle other creatures while trying to destroy Tokyo.  Here’s a link to a video of the game:

The other game we played was called Boss Monster, and was funded on Kickstarter earlier this year.  This is a twist on the traditional dungeon crawling game by making you into the boss monster.  You create a dungeon that heroes are sent through.  You can watch game play of this one here:

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