Dead Week and Christmas Decorations

I just love the dismal name that we give to the week before finals.  It couldn’t be “Happy Smiles” week or “Free Hugs While You Study” week.  We had to go with dead week.  I suppose the titular depression of this week coincides nicely with the final paper that I am working on for my Sects and Cults in America class.  My thesis is that female cult leaders are fundamentally different than male cult leaders in the ways that they obtain, and keep, their congregations.  If you have ever read or watched anything about infamous cults from the past 50 years or so, you will know that they are awfully depressing.  This paper, in tandem with the lingering cloud of finals, has made for some seriously saddening times the past few days.

HOWEVER, I decided to be proactive and combat this end of the year funk.  Everyone knows that the Christmas Spirit removes all funks so I recently went out and splurged on Christmas decorations for my dorm room, something I have been meaning to do for a while now.  My girlfriend and I went out and bought some Christmas lights, and a Christmas tree (including decorations).  Below are some pictures of my, now, festive room!

“Oh, Christmas Tree”

My lights, strung all the way ’round my room.

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