Disney’s Frozen

Disney released their newest, wintry-titled movie a couple of weeks ago: Frozen.  Frozen tells the story of two sisters: Anna, the younger sister, and her older sister, Elsa, who has the magical ability to summon snow and all things ice.  I am a person who is very wary of spoilers, and am someone who has a broad definition of what a spoiler consists of.  Keeping that in mind: WarningSPOILERS AHEAD:

I am not going to give away any serious plot points, I am just going to mention some of the conceptual things that Disney did with this film that I enjoyed.  First of all, the antagonist of the story seemed to play a smaller role in this Disney films than in past films that I have seen (even than in more recent Disney films such as Tangled and The Princess and the Frog).  I liked how much of the focus was spent on the troubles befalling the “good guys” (Anna, Elsa, Kristoff) rather than spending a lot of time fleshing out the story around the antagonist.

The next thing that Disney did in this film was tackle many fairy tale tropes that seem to plague their old films.  Love at First Sight (http://goo.gl/HT1gKN) is introduced and destroyed.  ”Light is Good” is an interesting concept tackled in this film, mostly due to Elsa’s powers being snow and ice based (and, therefore, being white, bright, and shiny) (http://goo.gl/ySKCs9).  The last trope, one that I can’t seem to find on tvtropes.com , is the “handsome male swoops in to save the helpless female”.  That is something that was hinted at in this film, but then completely steered away from.  It was as though Disney dangled this infuriating concept in front of my face, but then pulled it away at the last minute only to present a much better resolution.


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