Thanksgiving Break Part 1

Thanksgiving Break officially started today at Wabash, even though I have been off campus since last Thursday.  One thing I will mention is how these intermittent, smaller breaks aren’t nearly as fun in college as they are high school.  In high school, breaks were time off from school to recharge.  In college these breaks have turned into “extended changes of scenery to do homework”.

I mean, this is just crude for the sake of crude.

*As an aside, something interesting that I stumbled across came in the form of a “comedy” show created by some DePauw students.  It’s called the “Pre Recorded Late Night Show”, and here’s the tweet with a link to the episode in which they claim to have “owned” Wabash:  Apparently, making their student body out to be a bunch of idiot drunkards is how they “own” us (just watch the latter half of the video).  I know that this may be a bit of sampling bias, because the editors of the series wants to make their video the most “entertaining” (you can tell they were going for the most “f*** Wabash’s” as possible), but it is still quite ridiculous.  I know that we have DePauw-related rivalry shirts (“DePauw “Swallows”, for instance), but at least that’s a pun.  Check out the crude shirt of one DePauw student to the right.  Here’s the end of my rant.*

Back to Thanksgiving related things.  I remember coming home for Thanksgiving my Freshman year and being so excited to get back to a familiar place.  Wabash has become such a second home for me, though, that I actually start to miss it when I’m gone.  The people, the campus, everything.  I don’t of any other campuses that makes their students feel so at home.  It’s just a Wabash benefit, I suppose.

Enjoy your vacations, everyone!

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