Monon Bell

Number of Monon Bells in possession:

Wabash: 1

DePauw: 0

Final Score.

Today was the 120th Monon Bell game between Wabash College and our neighbors to the south, DePauw.  As you can see from the introduction to this blog, we won the Monon Bell for another year.  Here’s my post about last year’s victory: (

The game was fun as always, and it wasn’t a blowout like it had been in previous years, with the final score being Wabash: 38 and DePauw: 21.  I suppose we just wanted it a little more than they did.  See photos of the event here:

If you ever want to attend a fun, collegiate sporting event, come to a Monon game.  You will probably never have seen a more zealous, enthused cadre of men and woman.

Not to be overshadowed; I have to give a shout-out to Cross Country, the new Div III Regional Champions.  Remember folks:

DePauw Swallows.


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