What Would I Say?

Amidst the homework, the reading, and all of the meetings that are constantly happening at Wabash, we have to find time for fun.  Since we are situated at our computers a lot of the time, we tend to find small things online to keep us entertained.  Recently, I was informed about a website via a friend’s, Liam Smith ’13, Facebook.  The website is http://what-would-i-say.com/.  Essentially, after logging in with your Facebook details (I know, this weirds me out a bit, too), the website analyzes your past Facebook statuses and generates a Facebook status that could be something you’d say.  While some are nonsensical, others are hilarious.  For me (and those of you that know me well enough will find these funny), my first two generated statuses were:

“You’re failing at being humorous, very shallow.”


“Oh Theists, you.”

Those last are attuned to my own personality, but some of them are just funny.  For instance, “Our patchwork heritage is a chocolate bar.” and “In my garden is Claudia Gandhi.”  If you have some free time, I’d suggest going on the website for a bit of fun.

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