This is Halloween

This is Halloween…HALLOWEEN! HALLOWEEN! HALLOWEEN! HALLOWEEN!  Ahem.  Sorry.  I was just quoting my favorite Halloween flick of all time: Tim Burton’s, The Nightmare Before Christmas.  I have had a lot of debates with myself and have come to the conclusion that this is a Halloween movie (with a Christmas-like message).  I’ll be putting this wonderful film on in just a few moments, but let me share some things with you before then.

Bless you, child.

I actually went out and bought a Halloween costume this year.  My last Halloween costume was Jack Skellington from none other than The Nightmare Before Christmas (okay, it might not just be my favorite Halloween movie) but that one is about 3 or 4 years old.  This year, my girlfriend and I decided to get some matching costumes (aww).  We were originally going to be Ghostbusters (cheap, awesome costumes.  What more do you want?), but we ran into a problem.  The Party City (a glorified costume shop) by us, in Northwest Indiana, was sold out of the guy version of the costume.  We decided to wait and buy them at the same time at the Party City in West Lafayette.  When we got there, they were sold out of the woman version of the costume.  Sighs all around.  So, we went for something better.  We grabbed something equally enjoyable and ironic: a priest and a nun.

Did you dress up for Halloween? Share you costumes in the comments below! Have a safe Halloween!

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