Let’s Go to Ecuador!…Maybe

If you did not already know, the Wabash College Glee Club goes on tour every year.  This tour happens over spring break and, in my experience, is a great time.  Every four years, however, the Glee Club takes flight and leaves the country for an international tour.  In the summer of 2014, Glee Club, partnered with the modern languages department, will be taking a trip to Ecuador.  You see, every two years the modern languages department does an immersion trip to Ecuador, but this isn’t your normal immersion.  Most immersion happen over short breaks, like Thanksgiving or Spring break.  The Ecuador trip takes place over a month in the summer.  During part of the trip, you’ll live with a host family and take Spanish courses at an Ecuadorian University.  It’s like a mini-study abroad.

The trip next summer is being split into two parts.  The Spring course, and the first two weeks of the trip, will be for those Glee Club members that want to apply for the Ecuador class.  Any other Glee Club member who may not want to take the two class (one in the spring, before the trip, and one in the fall after the trip) has the option of only attending the last two weeks of the trip (the portion that will consist of touring around and singing with the Glee Club).

My predicament is whether or not I want to go.  A few of my close friends in Glee Club have already decided that they don’t want to go, and that is kind of a bummer.  However, the price makes me continue the inner debate.  Excluding inoculations (I got those when I went to Peru, on Wabash’s ticket), food while I’m there (which is apparently really cheap), and spending money, my contribution is only $450 dollars.  That’s it.  $450. It’s a once in a lifetime price.

Oh, Wabash.  Why are you so good at sending us out of the country.

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