T-Tones, Snow, and Books

Last night was T-Tones auditions after Glee Club rehearsal.  T-Tones is Wabash’s other vocal ensemble.  It is usually comprised of 12 guys, 3 of each part, and has a more barbershop feel about it.  Last year, I sang in T-Tones and it was great.  Oh, if you’re wondering what T-Tones stand for, well, keep wondering, because we have no idea.  Here’s a link to a bit of the tryouts: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsS7E1b5aGo

On a more weather-related note, it has already begun to snow.  Two nights ago, I was walking from the library and it was snowing/sleeting.  Yesterday, it was snowing big, fat, pretty flakes.  Unortunately, the snow hasn’t been sticking, but that’s okay.  It is still pretty.  Although, it is not even November yet, so I guess mother nature is antsy this year.

The books I’ve read in entirety for the year.

Lastly, I just wanted to write about all of the reading I’ve done this year.  On top of the hundreds of pages that I’ve read out of various textbooks and novels, I have finished 5 entire books that amass to around 1,700 pages.  I am not trying to be boast or anything, because I know that some people have read a lot more (I’m looking at you History majors).  I just see that as a lot of literature, and it makes me kind of proud to know that I have read, and enjoyed (for the most part), a lot of material this school year.

Here’s your link of the day, a bit of a music/science mashup: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3D_uG2ET2s

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