You Will Know Her Name

Taking a B-rated horror movie from the 70′s about a dejected, telekinetic teenage girl and remaking it into an anticipated, modern- day horror film.  Who woulda thunk it?  I’m writing of “Carrie”, of course, the Stephen King novel turned film, turned remade film.  I went to see it over break and, to be blunt, I thought it was fantastic. I’m not going to say that it was the best movie I have or will see (Hobbit) this year, but it was seriously solid. As someone that does not enjoy most horror films, this one was great.  If you’re looking to see a film this weekend, spend your money on this one.

For a completely different subject change, we’ve begun practicing Christmas songs in Glee Club.  That only means one thing: Christmas is drawing ever nearer. If you did not know (why would you?), Christmas is my favorite season.  I wrote an entire blog awhile ago about Christmas and its secularization that I’ll probably link when it gets closer.  Right now, though, I’m preparing for Halloween.  If you refuse to dress up for Halloween because you think you’re “too old”, than I suggest reevaluating your priorities. You are never too old to don a costume.

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