Home Sweet Home

Wabash’s fall “break” just started, and I have to say that I am glad to be home.  I use the quotations around “break” because of a couple of reasons.  Mainly, I use the quotes because it doesn’t even feel like a break.  Sure, I am home, but I have so much homework that my break consists of doing homework in a different place.  I see it as extra homework time.

Today, I went back to my highschool and attended an event that some of you may have heard of: powederpuff football.  If you don’t know what powderpuff is, it is an event, usually before a school’s homecoming, that involves a role reversal.  The football players cheer, and girls play the game.  The girl teams are split into classes (freshmen/sophomores vs. juniors/seniors).  Maybe with events like this, I was destined to go to Wabash (I’m looking at you homecoming queens).  Have a good day!




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