Inauguration and Party With the Prez

This past Friday, President Hess, Wabash’s 16th president, was inaugurated.  The inauguration ceremony was not an open event (I’m assuming this was because of spatial constraints with the ceremony being in the chapel).  However, the Glee Club got to attend because we sang a few songs during the ceremony.  At first, I was not too excited to attend.  ”Presidential inaugurations happen all of the time”, I thought.  Dr. Bowen, our Glee Club director, was the person that changed my opinion on the matter.  As he said, this is Wabash’s 16th president, but that does not necessarily mean that it is Wabash’s 16th inauguration.  Not every president of Wabash was inaugurated, or had an inauguration ceremony.  This means that we partook in an event that may have happened less than 10 times in the history of this college, and that is something memorable.

Because the inauguration was not open to the campus, we had a “Party With the Prez” on Saturday afternoon.  It was great.  Admission was free for students (with an RSVP) and normal tickets were 15 dollars.  This opened up the various food trucks and booths that were situated around the mall: a taco booth, a booth serving waffle and macaroni sandwiches, a BBQ booth, a smoothie booth, a cupcake booth, and a Bon Appetit booth.  All of the food was pretty good, and the live music was a cake topper. I think that this event was awesome, and I hope it is done again, in the future.

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