Rocky Horror “Virgin”

I have seen Rocky Horror Picture show, the 1975 film.  I have seen it many times.  However, I had never been to a live performance…until last night.  Essentially, people who are new to the live action viewings are called “virgins”.  In one sentence, it was fantastic.  If you have no idea what Rocky Horror Picture Show is, then you can read about it on the fan site here: Like it is written on the fan site: “Rocky Horror is like sex, you can only have one first time so make the most of it”.

Did I mention that this performance of Rocky Horror was done at DePauw?  Ah, yes.  I travelled down to our rival school (also the school of my wonderful girlfriend) to experience my first showing.  It’s always fun being on “enemy territory”, if you will, because we get to see just how ungentlemanly the other half lives.  For instance, we were walking down a sidewalk of the campus singing (we were a group of four Glee Club members), and one of our part pointed out how we were being mocked by another group of male Dannies walking the across the way.  This is something that would never happen on Wabash campus.  Another incident (this one actually made me laugh) came during the performance.  It was after one of the main, male characters has sex with another main, male character (did I mention that this play is really sexual?).  Afterwards, as the character is limping away holding his bum (it was his first time, after all), the guitarist in the stage pit yells “He must go to Wabash!”.  I laughed.

If you haven’t seen Rocky Horror, I recommend it.  If you have seen the film, but not the play, I really recommend that. Have a good one!

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