Pizza-and-Movie Study Table

One thing that I love about Wabash is the openness of the different organizations and their public events.  Last night, the College Republicans  screened Patton (1970, and had pizza and drinks.  I have never had anything to do with the College Republicans, but I had some free time, was a little hungry, and decided to stop by.  I walked right into the room, grabbed some pizza and soda, and sat down to watch some Patton.  No one berated me for only staying for ~20 minutes, and Igot to have a snack and get my interest piqued by a film that I had never seen.  Wabash is inundated with these kinds of evens (trust me, we love our pizza around here), and it is always good to go experience something that you have not gotten the chance to.  This was me last night, I strode into this public event, sponsored by an organization that I have never had any contact with, but walked away with a few more laughs and feelings tucked away under my belt (prompted by the film).

Patton (1970)

Your link of the day comes from none other than CollegeHumor.  The article is entitled” If Characters Acted Like Their Nerdy Fans”.  I’ll embed some of my favorites here but in case you want to see them all:


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