Remember when you were younger, and all of your childlike excitement and wonder began to bubble up in the weeks before your birthday?  There was nothing more important in your life than having that one day in which you were the “birthday boy/girl”.  Maybe you even got to celebrate it with your classmates in school.  It was magical.  That supposedly changes when you get older.  Not for this guy.

Birthday streamers.

I have talked to many people who say that once you reach a certain age, birthdays kind of lose their meaning.  There is no more wonder, no more magic. I disagree with those people.  I just think that the focus of the day changes a little.  When I was younger, I was extraordinarily excited for whatever Pokemon toy that I was going to get for my birthday.  Now, I am excited that my 300-level Psychology class let out half of an hour early.  When I was younger, I could not wait for the giant birthday party that my family was going to throw for me.  Now, I am immensely grateful that my girlfriend went out of her way to sneak into my room and decorate it with streamers.  The magic and wonder surrounding birthdays doesn’t change, in my opinion: we change.  We become more appreciative of the little things that birthday celebrations incite: spending time with friends and family, the “Happy Birthdays” spouted by friends rushing to class and, hell, even the flood of birthday posts on our Facbook wall.  I will never not be excited for my birthday, it’s just what I am excited for that has changed.

Here’s your link of the day, a cool website that shows you what was happening in the world on your birthday.  For instance, a gallon of gas was $1.17 and Cartoon Network began airing on my birthday:

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