Secrets and Lies.

Chapel Talk is a tradition here at Wabash.  Every Thursday at 11:15 AM, a guest gives a talk in Pioneer Chapel.  Dr. Himsel gives a talk every year about a contemporary hot-button issue.  His chapel talk today was entitled “Secrets and Lies: Should the Government Have a Record of Every Phone Call We Make?” in which he spoke about exactly what you are thinking: the NSA and Snowden’s leaked documents.  One of my favorite quotes from his talk is: “Secrets, lies, and leaks are not good ways to make policy”.  I, as many of you, agree with this statement.

Dr. Himsel giving his Chapel Talk.

On my end, I’m just trying to keep up with all of the homework that I’ve had.  My only solace is that I am taking a half-semester course, so come mid-October I’ll be down to four classes (let’s not talk about the fact that this is my class with the lightest workload).  On that not, I better go finish some homework.  Here’s your link of the day.

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