Homecoming and Homework

Last Saturday was the homecoming game vs. Denison.  The homecoming game is always the most interesting due to the halftime shenanigans of banners and homecoming queen.  I posit that the best homecoming queen was Rory Willats, a TKE.  He went for a classy approach.  He was not as revealing as some of the other queens, but his mannerisms were spot on.

Rory Willats, TKE’s queen.

My favorite banner from homecoming.

A shot of the field.

If you follow me on Twitter (@Chris_Wabash15), you’ll remember that I was complaining about how it seemed that all of my professors were assigning weekend homework regardless of the fact that it was homecoming.  The Glee Club has a very arduous Homecoming Saturday: we perform three times that day.  We perform at the Homecoming Alumni Chapel in the early afternoon, we perform the Star Spangled Banner before the Homecoming game, and we have our Homecoming Concert that evening.  It was an exhausting weekend that never seemed to end with the amount of homework I was assigned.  So far this year I’ve read two and a half books for classes.  I don’t know many people that can say the same.  As has been my mantra this year: “Welcome to Wabash”.

Seeing that I starting writing this blog after finishing a 1,000 word lab write-up, I think I’m going to give my fingers a rest for awhile.  Here’s the link of the day:




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