Chapel Sing, or How the Sphinx Club Doesn’t Count Well

If you didn’t already know, today was the time-honored tradition of Chapel Sing.  This event kicks off the Homecoming festivities and is a great facilitator of solidarity among freshman.  As I have done the past two years (which makes it a Wabash tradition), this blog will mostly be captioned pictures, apart from this:

The title of this post refers to the Chapel Sing rules that the Sphinx Club sent out this year, and their blatant breaking of that rule multiple times. I could type this out, or y’know, I could just let you read them for yourself:


I mean, that seems pretty simple to me, just saying.

Anyway, what you all really want to see are pictures from the event.  Here you go:

A shot from the beginning of the event, while all the singers still had energy left.


A panorama that I took. Sorry for the size (silly upload restrictions).


One of the independents that they took into the chapel 3 or 4 times before realizing that he knew the song.


A TKE pledge, and Glee Club member, showing some dedication.


Freshman blogger Alejandro Reyna being dogged by some Sphinx Club members.


This is not a peace sign. This quizzically-expressioned Rhyne was wondering why we were holding up two fingers and yelling “Two”.


The Independent Chapel Singers 2013.


I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Here’s the link of the day:

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