Football and Krautrock

I won’t write too much on the football game against Hannover that went down this Friday, I think the Freshman bloggers covered that nicely.  I will say, however, that it was quite fun to watch although I was only there for the first quarter (which ended 21-0).  Here’s the Wabash article concerning the game:

A panorama of the game vs. Hannover.


Last Wednesday was the second presentation of of one of my favorite organizations on campus: The Wabash Society for the Furthering of the Liberal Arts.  We are a group that teach each other things as an extracurricular practice.  We present on topics that might not be readily available at Wabash as a class.  Last Wednesday was a presentation, given by Christian Lopac ’16, about a German music movement called “Kroutrock”.  It was a good presentation, and highlighted a topic that was important for shaping much of our electronic and rock music, but hasn’t gotten a lot of publicity.  This is what Wabash is all about: learning from peer mentors.


This Link of the Day is an NPR piece on how whale earwax can shine some light on oceanic contaminants:

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