Rethinking History

I hope that everyone’s blisteringly hot September day went well.  95 degrees in September, is that not a record or something?

One of the things that you’ll hear about Wabash is the interconnectedness (I think I made that word up) of the campus.  Independents hang out with fraternity guys who hang out with other fraternity guys.  This stands for faculty, too.  So, Dean Raters ’85, was a frat guy during his time at Wabash.  However, this does not stop him from coming to Independent Chapel Sing practice and giving some words of encouragement and advice.  I even have photographic evidence:

Dean Raters and the Independent Chapel Singers

Something that former Wabash President Pat White always told us was that our peers would be our best teachers at Wabash.  The Wabash Society for the Furthering of the Liberal Arts is, while a mouthful, the embodiment of that ideal.  One of the founding members, Patrick Stroud ’14, has begun hosting short, historical teaching sessions.  His goal “isn’t to teach you history, it’s to teach you to be historians”.  As someone who realizes the importance of the discipline, but has never seen, nor been taught, any way to view history in a way that is not through a chronological lens, I am really looking forward to these informal “teaching” sessions.  I dare you to find that at a different college.

So, my Link of the Day today will be kind of generic, but it’s something that has interested me for awhile.  While I don’t claim to be a “fanboy”, I really do love Apple for the environment that it has created surrounding its products.  In my opinion, it is one of, if not the, best ecosystems to invest in, apart from (and Dr. Olofson would disagree with me here) their Macbook line.  Today, Apple publicly announced their new operating system (iOS 7) along with two new iPhones, a colorful iPhone 5C, and the faster iPhone 5S.  Check ‘em out here:

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