Piano Recital

There is always something to do on Wabash campus.  Tonight, for instance, was “Music for Two Pianos”, a duet from the “Everett and Rodgers Duo”.  This is actually the second time that I’ve seen them perform together.  I have Music for Two Pianos once before on Wabash campus.  The performance was amazing.  If you have never heard a piano duet, I seriously recommend finding one to attend.  A piano is an instrument that is traditionally seen as a solo instrument; so the dynamic of two pianos is unfamiliar and charming.  Below is a clandestine picture that I managed to sneak:

Music for Two Pianos

I’ve muddled around with a few iterations of offering “X of the day” in my blogs.  First, I offered photos of the day, in which I would add a post-script to my blogs that contained an interesting photo that I found that day.  Then, it evolved into facts of the day, in which I wrote facts out of a fact book that I own.  This year, I think I’m just going to call it “links of the day”.  Like many of you, I spend a lot of time online.  This leads me to find various, interesting articles, pictures, blogs, videos, etc, that stand out to me So, instead of confining what I include post-blog with a specific title, I’ll just call it “Link of the Day”.

Here’s the inaugural Link of the Day:


Linked is a very moving comic by illustrator Jon Laing.  You can find more from him on his website: http://jonlaing.tumblr.com/

Thanks for reading!

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