A Liberal Arts Schedule

One of my favorite things about Wabash College is that, in any given semester, one may have quite the eclectic schedule.  If you read my last blog, you understand where I am coming from.  While I am taking two classes in Religion and two in Psychology, they are completely different in their content.  I have grown to expect and love this.  This is unlike a lot of larger school that funnel you through your major.  At Wabash you will learn about things that you never would have imagined learning, and you will like it.

Currently, I have the pleasure of listening to the Class of 2017 Independents practice for Chapel Scream…er, Sing.  Morris and Wolcott are located right next to the Chapel Sing practice area, so we get front row seats the the festivities.  Here is a video of the Chapel Singers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYnMg3A1Bus, and here is an audio clip if you don’t want to open a new tab: Chapel Sing Practice (from my window).  As we can hear, there’s still a bit of practice to get done, but we have to commend their dedication.

Last night was our first Glee Club rehearsal of the year.  According to Dr. Bowen, the Glee Club is at its largest size in the 13 years that he has been Glee Club Director: around 60 members.  This may not seem like a large group, but think about the number in total student percentage.  According to Wikipedia (I hope my professors don’t see this), Wabash has 875 students.  With 60 Glee Club member, that means that almost 7% of the campus is singing in the Glee Club.  Now that’s amazing.

Blog you later.

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