Summer Blog #1

Hello to all of you summer blog readers!  Today I will fill you in on what I’ve been doing this summer but, before I begin, my congratulations to Nathan Bode who is the new sophomore class blogger!

The end of spring semester was a little disheartening to me because I had been turned down for four internships, including two in my own department.  Rather than giving up, however, I independently sought an internship through my own means using a bit of information given to me by my mother, a special education teacher.  I wound up as an adult day program intern at an organization called Innovations in Learning.  Innovations specializes in applied behavior analysis and behavioral management for people, adults and children, with mental disabilities.  My internship was short-lived, however.  While I enjoyed the people that I worked with, I wasn’t very excited for the work itself, which was both tedious and monotonous.  Because of this reason, I made the difficult decision of leaving Innovations in search of something more attuned to my interests.

I’m calling this type of sunburn “lifeguard problems”.

What I later found out, by word-of-mouth from a high school friend, was that an organization in my area (Lake County Parks) was in need of more lifeguards for the summer due to attendance issues with less reliable guards.  This led me to begin taking classes to get my life-guarding certification.  At first, I wasn’t sure if I would be physically fit enough to take on the challenge, but you know how the saying goes: Wabash Always Fights.  I persevered through two weeks of training and here I stand on my second week of lifeguard duty: CPR, first-aid, and lifeguard certified.

The new school year is approaching ever quicker, and I’ll be ready for it (hopefully with a nice tan).  Enjoy your summer!

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